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Stamatiou Voulgari 1

49100 Corfu Greece

t: +30 26610 45538

f: +30 26610 49729

e: giokollas@gmail.com





Stamatiou Voulgari 1 - 49100 Corfu Greece

giokollas@gmail.com - +30 26610 45538


Corfu Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

George S. Kollas


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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center Corfu George s. Kollas


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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center Corfu  George S. Kollas  





Corfu Physiotherapy is a fully equipped, modern designed Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in the center of Corfu town that offers complete assessment and treatment to each patient. Just a few minutes walk from the old town of Corfu with easy access to private parking we are one of the lead Physiotherapy centers if Corfu Island.

Corfu Physiotherapy and rehabilitation center of George Kollas in Corfu is specializing in treating musculoskeletal pain and injury. G. Kollas is a highly trained Chartered Physiotherapist with years of experience in physical therapy chiropractic techniques and acupuncture.

Physiotherapy Corfu provides comprehensive assessment, expert diagnosis, and specialized physical therapy treatment with the latest equipment available in the field of physiotherapy accompanied with hands-on manual therapy techniques.


Corfu Physical Therapy Center is focusing on each patient’s individual needs. We discuss the problem and produce a treatment plan that includes information on the nature of the injury, how it will be best treated and how long it will take to get better. If further investigation is necessary our cooperating network of major hospitals and specialized doctors around Greece is here to help.

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